Thursday, 20 September 2018

Panmure Bridge

Panmure Bridge

Did you know before the Panmure bridge was built a punt was used to get
people across the Tamaki river.

A punt is a small boat operated by 2 people on each side of the river, you
would pay a toll to get across the river.The problem with the punt was that it
could not be used in bad weather and was hard work for the people operating it.

In the 1864 construction began to build the first Panmure Bridge. This was
needed because of the growing population, and to help the farmers  transport
produce across the Tamaki River.
It was constructed from Totara and kauri wood and was a swing bridge. This
bridge was opened in 1865.

Because of the heavy transport carrying goods across, cracks began to
appear and the bridge wasn't safe.In 1916  the 2nd bridge was built. To build
this bridge iron was bought in from Sydney and Kauri wood was also used.

By 1957 the 2nd bridge was no longer safe and construction began to build
the 3rd panmure bridge which was made with concrete and iron. This bridge
was opened in 1959.

Bridges are an important way for people and goods to be transported over
water. The 3rd Panmure Bridge is the bridge we still use today.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Problem Solving

Today for maths we have been learning about problem solving.I also know that problem solving is when you find solutions that are hard.I have worked out how to solve the answer by minusing the fractions with a full number.

Duffy Assembly - Michel Mulipola

Today, it was a Duffy assembly. Our class went to the hall to listen to Michel Mulipola. He explains a lot of things like, his job, and what he does at his spare time. He is a really talented comic illustrator. He showed us some of his drawings and the drawings the he drew for wrestlers, school journals and different types of super hero's. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

wheel word

Today for reading we played a game called wheel words. It was all about us trying to make a words with the letter that we got. We can't make a word without the o in the middle because that the letter that we had to use to make the words. It was kind of easy because it has the an easy letter in the middle.

Friday, 14 September 2018

kiwi can

Today for kiwi can we have been leaning about perseverance what is perseverance means it trying our best and never giving up. Perseverance is were you try your best and never give up. Today we had and energizer called tangled it when  one person that in  they had to tag some one and when they had tagged some one they had to lock arms and try get somebody .  Then we went into our activity our activity was invisible touch when you touch them you got the ball

Thursday, 13 September 2018

How to make a Hangi

In writing we have been looking at writing explanations. I found it interesting that a hangi is cooked differently to the way we cook umu in my culture. My explanation on how a hangi is made is below.

How to make a Hangi

A hangi is a special kind of traditional way of maori cooking using a pit which has been dug in the ground. Men work together to lay down the hangi.There a several steps to preparing and cooking a hangi.

Firstly the pits needs to be dug in the ground.Then volcanic rocks and irons are lit and the fire needs to burn for about 2 hours.While the fire burns a Karakia is said to pray for the environment and protect the native trees, bless the food and pray that it is cooked nicely.

Once the fire has been burning for about 2 hours they break it down and dig out the ashes to remove some embers. This helps stop the food from getting too smokey and acrid (better tasting).

Food gets wrapped in cabbage leaves.This keeps the food from drying out and keeps the dirt from going in the hangi after the wrapped food is put in basket. Meat like chicken goes in first and then veggies are put on the top.

Cabbage leaves and sacks soaked in water then put on the hot irons. The baskets are carried over to the pit and then covered with wet sacks to keep dirt out. Finally it is all covered with canvas. They let it cook for about 3 and a half hours before they remove the sacks and the baskets of food.
Hangi food is still cooked on special occasions the same way it has been done for many years.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

wheel word

Today for reading me and my group were doing wheel word we had to use a word with the letter starting with N . I only got a few words because N was a very hard word to find most.I was only aloud to use three hints to help me figure out the words i got most. were lens,nets,seen,teen,teens,Effluents.